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Bachelor of Creative Technologies & AI

Howest MCT, but in English!? It’s all about AI and XR here!

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Broaden your horizon and study in English at the Bachelor of Creative Technologies & AI!

Howest MCT has a long history in receiving students from international universities and colleges from all around the world. Partner schools in Taiwan, Kazachstan, Mexico, Uganda, South Africa, California, Sweden, Spain and The Netherlands are just a few of them. The English Taught Courses of AI Engineer have had a wide interest over the years. Starting from the academic year 2023-2024, students can enroll in the first full English-Taught Bachelor in the form of Creative Technologies and AI.
This bachelor goes side-by-side with the existing Howest MCT curriculum available in Dutch. Together with (international) students following the short track (1 year), you will follow similar courses to the Howest MCT curriculum, but in English. This bachelor is specifically built around AI and XR (Extended Reality) and is a future-proof choice. Belgian students as well as a multitude of nationalities will follow these AI-centered courses.

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