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International Project

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This international project of 3 study credits offers a lot of flexibility for you to choose what will help you best in your personal growth.

As an incoming international student, you have the possibility to follow either Basic Dutch or Basic English. Both of these courses can help increase your language knowledge. English will help you better understand the courses that will be taught by your teachers. This will also help you communicate with other students.By learning Basic Dutch, you’ll have a little knowledge of one of the languages spoken in Belgium. Dutch is the native language in Kortrijk.

An alternative to these language courses is to follow the course “Strong Belgium Stories (3ECTS)” which is given by the colleagues of the Tourism bachelor. This course contains some interesting field trips to different places in Belgium.

You can also opt to participate in a Blended Intensive Program (3ECTS) or opt for another international opportunity organized by one of our partners (e.g STEM project by Businet ) as long as you have the OK from the international coordinator.